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We so much depend on our cars that sometimes it may seem we are helpless. It's bad if you don't have a car but what if you do have it but cannot use it because there's no key? Different situations happen: you may lose or break the key or it may even be stolen. No matter what the issue is, a professional auto smith will be able to help you.

How can you get a new key?

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You can chose one of the two possible ways to get the key replaced. The first one is to call the dealer and wait for the new key. Another way is to find a skillful Locksmith Coquitlam dealing with cars. The second method is faster and much cheaper. The official dealer will charge you twice as much as the auto locksmith Coquitlam.

What do you need to know to have the key replaced?

When you call the locksmith Coquitlam, he will ask you several questions you need to answer:

  • What is the make, model and year of the vehicle? This information will help the smith differentiate the type of key.
  • Do you need a regular, a transponder or a smart key? It is an essential thing because the complexity of the job determines the speed of your key being replaced. Besides, the auto smith may need special equipment to program a smart or a transponder key.
  • What is the key code? You can find this information in the car manual or in the sales invoice. If you have neither of these, you should take off the panel on the driver's door and look it up on the lock itself.
  • What is the vehicle identification number (VIN)? It is stamped on a metal plate, which is either on the driver's doorpost or on dashboard.
  • Can you prove the ownership? This question is asked to avoid the situation when your car is stolen with the help of a locksmith Coquitlam. You should have documents confirming that the vehicle belongs to you.

In most cases, this information will be enough for a professional to provide you with a new car key. Even if you are somewhere on the road, a locksmith will be able to bring you a ready-made key, knowing the details we've enumerated.

In rare situations, you'll need to remove the car lock and bring it to the locksmith's office, where you'll get the key matching the door and the ignition.

An ordinary key may be cut out in a few minutes, while transponder keys need both cutting and programming. If you are sure that the key has been stolen, you may need to change the car lock or reprogram the transponder or a smart key to exclude the possibility of your car being stolen.

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